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Tate, J. , Hernandez, R.A., Hanks, C., Trybula, W., & Fazarro, D (2016). Addressing ethical and safety issues of nanotechnology in health and medicine in undergraduate engineering and technology curriculum. Global Journal of Engineering Education, 18(1),  1-5.


Tate, J. , Espinoza, S., Hanks, C., Trybula, W., & Fazarro, D. (2015). Military and National Security Implications of Nanotechnology. Journal of Technology Studies, 41 (3), 20-28.


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Fazarro, J. Tate, W. Trybula, C. Hanks, R. McLean, S. Dutta, and A. Mokhtari, (2015). Evaluating Students’ Perceptions for the Ethics Module Content in Nanotechnology Safety: Meeting the Needs for Post-Secondary Students in STEM Areas.  Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering, 31(1),1-20.