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Nanotechnology Advisory Council - NAC

This project is being advised by a foward-thinking team of experts from academia and industry. The NAC will assist in improving the quality of the contents in each course.

The NAC is composed by:

*Dr. Christie Sayes, Program Director, CANE (Center for Aerosols and Nanomaterials Engineering) at RTI International, Program Director, CANE (Center for Aerosols and of Nanomaterials Engineering) at RTI International; Adjunct Professor at Joint School for Nanoscience, UNC-G; Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M University. 
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*Dr. Greg Marshall, Chair, Department of Respiratory Care, Texas State University. 
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*Dr. Chuck Geraci, Coordinator of the NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Center. 




*Ms. Deb Newberry,Chair, DCTC Nanoscience Program Director/PI, Nano-Link: Regional Center for Nanotechnology Education. 
Dakota County Technical College
*Ms. Barbara Foster, MIP (Microscopy and Imaging) 
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*Dr. Mark Wiesner, Director, CEINT (Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology) at Duke University.