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NSF-NUE Team Contacts

—  PI: Dr. Jitendra Tate (Engineering, Texas State)
e- mail:
Office: 512.245.1826
—  Co-PI: Dr. Dominick Fazarro (UT-Tyler)
Office: 903.565.5911
—  Co-PI: Dr. Craig Hanks (Philosophy, Texas State)
Office:  512.245.2282  
—  Co-PI: Mr. Satyajit Dutta (Engineering, Texas State)
e- mail:
—  SP: Dr. Walt Trybula (Engineering, Texas State)
Office: 512.245.6062
—  SP: Dr. Robert McLean (Biology, Texas State)
Office: 512.245.3365  
—  SP: Dr. Fritz Allhoff (Philosophy, Western Michigan)
—  SP: Dr. Cristian Gaedicke (Engineering, Univ of California at East Bay)
—  SA:  Ms. Luna Wilson (Philosophy, Texas State)
e- mail:
—  SA:  Mr. Adam Mokhtari  (UT - Tyler)
e- mail: 
—  SA:  Mr. Sergio Espinoza (Engineering, Texas State)
e- mail:
—  SA:  Mr. Andres Alvarez (Engineering, Texas State)
e- mail: